Why Jews Become Catholics


Why Jews Become Catholics, by Rosalie Marie Levy

From the moving new Introduction by Deborah Bernstein, a recent convert to Catholicism: There is always something particularly dramatic about Jews converting to Catholicism. Jewish conversion plucks at chords whose reverberations stretch back through time to the very foundations of Christianity and the terrible rift that separated the two sects from the moment of Christ’s crucifixion. Yet, through the following two thousand years, almost miraculously, there has been a steady stream of Jews crossing the threshold of the Church...at personal sacrifice...resulting in divorce from family and friends. This pull toward Christ can only be attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit….At the end of the age, St. Paul says in his Epistle to the Romans, "All Israel shall be saved."
Why Jews Become Catholics was originally published in 1924....Through the narratives of the converts, the reader comes face to face with the Catholic Church of yesterday—a Church that is integral, holy and uncompromising. Although the specter of Modernism may have gained a toehold in some ecclesial precincts, it appears not to have metastasized yet into the local parish, convent, or seminary....One would conclude from the witness of this book that until relatively recently, the Church evangelized by being holy, and that its apostles out in the world attracted new adherents by their own personal sanctity.

The contemporary Catholic Church seeks to make common cause with non-Catholics in an outreach known popularly as "the new ecumenism."...These Jews do not gravitate toward the Church because of an appeal to human values but rather because of the Divine Truth to which, by the grace of God, they respond with recognition and submission…

The very first page of Why Jews Become Catholics establishes Catholic rectitude as a leit-motif: There was…one distinguishing characteristic [Catholics] all possessed. Though I have been closely associated with hundreds of Catholics, I have never met one who would eat meat on a Friday; I have never heard one even attempt to defend his failure to live up to his religious duties; I have never known one who was proud or boasted of his delinquencies and human weaknesses; I have never come in contact with one who did not insist that the better Catholic a man is, the better all-around man he must necessarily be.

The lessons of Why Jews Become Catholics are clear. Historically, Jews, like others, have become Catholics because they recognize the light of Supernatural Truth in its doctrines and discipline.

St. Paul says in his Epistle to the Romans, "All Israel shall be saved." This book movingly witnesses to this prophecy, one conversion at a time