2020 Traditional Catholic Calendar

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Full-Colour Traditional Liturgical Catholic Calendar,
published by the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula

The 2020 Guild Calendar provides all the information you need to know about the feast for each day of the liturgical cycle, and clearly shows the holy days of obligation and days of fast.  By popular request we have also included the civil holidays for the United States.  Our calendar has been created for ease of use, and you can see at a glance what feast day it is, which Mass will be offered, and the order of the commemorations.   Thanks to the subtle colour backgrounds and banners, that same quick glance at the calendar will tell you whether it is a holy day of obligation, whether you are obliged to fast or abstain from meat, and what other items of information you might want to know about the feast—all you need to follow the Church's precepts of worship for the coming year.

With introductory and closing pages that contain other important information, such as a rule table for fasting and abstinence, and a list of movable feasts with their dates for 2020, our calendar is designed to provide you with a quick and easy way of connecting with the liturgical spirit of the Church's year and to participate fully in the moving flow of her seasons. 

Our calendar contains none of the anti-Catholic reforms of the freemason Bugnini that were introduced in the 1950s and early 1960s as part of the gradual destruction of the Catholic liturgy.  In an age where so many "traditional" calendars try to confuse you with false information (many feast days missing, octaves and vigils abolished, new and suspect feasts, and so on) you can be sure our calendar is fully and authentically traditional, and will provide you with the legitimate Catholic feast days celebrated through the ages by countless saints and faithful.  It is the same calendar we follow on our Breviary website, so you know you will have a perfectly Catholic calendar untainted by the modernists.

We have kept the retail price of our colour calendars the same as last year, $14.95 with free shipping anywhere in the United States.  Don't make the mistake of so many people who left it too late to order last year and missed out on the opportunity to have one of these beautiful calendars hanging in their home.  Place your orders now and make sure you don't lose out. 

The 2020 Guild Calendar makes an excellent gift for your Catholic friends and family, and you should consider taking advantage of our discount bulk prices and buy for them too!  More importantly—by providing these calendars as gifts, you are fulfilling a spiritual work of mercy, instructing those who seek to know more about the grace-filled liturgical cycle of the Church, and who would otherwise never be aware of their sacred Catholic duties of fasting and attending Mass.

Beautifully produced on glossy paper, this calendar's theme is "The Churches of Spain"—your wall will be tastefully decorated with twelve beautiful colour images of some of the most beautiful and famous cathedrals, abbeys and chapels of Spain—much of the architecture heavily influenced by the Moorish occupation.  Some of these churches actually functioned as mosques at one time, and serve as an ironic reminder of the current situation in Europe where so many Catholic churches are now being converted into mosques.  Our prayer for each month of 2020 should be for the preservation of our churches, and even more of our Church, so that the faithful everywhere may rediscover their Catholic traditions and return to the Holy Mass of the Apostles.