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St. Andrews Missal

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This reprint of the 1945 edition contains over 1900 pages in Latin and English and has 5 colored ribbon markers. It comes complete with Vespers and the Kyriale, not to mention a beautiful narrative for each feast day of the liturgical year. Included are the Propers for all the Masses of the Temporal and Sanctoral cycles, Votive Masses, Prayers after Mass and everything you would expect in the 1945 St Andrew Missal. There is even a special section devoted to the Sacraments, in English with Latin alongside. The rubrics for the Ordinary of the Mass are printed in red. The St. Andrews Missal is the most complete traditional missal in print. It is fully traditional in every sense, and contains only the pre-Vatican II, pre-Bugnini rubrics. This is an important feature which distinguishes this missal from certain others which only pretend to be traditional, but which actually contain the modernist changes that led up to the new Mass of Paul VI.
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