Sins of Parents

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Mistakes parents make in raising their children
How to avoid them. Or, how to lessen their impact, if made

One unfortunate result of Freudianism is that some Catholics have overreacted to the “blame-the-parents” attitude it fostered. But the idea that parents can blight the lives of their children didn’t begin with Freud — it began with God, who warned Moses: “I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generations.” Those sobering words provide the keynote for Fr. Charles Hugo Doyle’s arresting guide to Catholic parenting, now back in print after half a century.

As Fr. Doyle explains, “The treatment extends not only to sins of fathers and mothers taken in their strict sense of serious transgressions against the law of God but extends also to the venial and even inculpable faults that can so adversely affect the lives of children.”

The “imperative needs” of every child
Specific “rights and privileges” of children
31 “don’ts” of child-rearing that “may spell the difference between being an affectionate and well-loved parent, or a complete failure”
21 character traits of good parents
One rule you must never break in disciplining your child
Chapter and verse: the “havoc” wrought on children by divorce, separation, and loveless marriages
Three “adverse parental attitudes” that are most psychologically damaging to children
Adverse effects of mothers working
How parental quarreling hurts older kids
Find yourself shouting at your children more and more?
Medical expert explains why “an acquired and habitual vice will rarely fail to leave its trace upon one or more of the offspring”
Homosexuality: why bad parenting is often a significant cause
Best way to train your child in the virtues
How delay in having children can undermine a marriage
“Thieves and dishonest people are not born, they are made — by parents.” And here’s how
What to do if you catch a child lying or stealing
Lasting effects on children of an absent father or mother
Why wives should never undermine their husbands’ standing in the eyes of the children
Real-life examples: How a sense of duty can work miracles in keeping a marriage intact, even under difficult circumstances
How some couples hamper, even destroy, their children’s own ability to succeed in marriage
Why newlyweds should not live with in-laws
Common way that well-meaning mothers foster obesity in children
New York psychiatrist: why full-time wives and mothers are the most psychologically healthy women