Sex Psychology


Sex Psychologyby Dr. Rudolf Allers, MD, PhD

Landmark Catholic book on the psychology of sexuality.

The Sexual Revolution that has brought such misery to the lives of millions actually began with the triumph of Freudian psychology—but even then, Freud’s most formidable opponent, Georgetown and Catholic University psychologist Rudolf Allers, was composing this enormously successful guide. Both practical and innovative, it is the earliest handbook on Christian sexuality. Completely rejecting Freud’s over-emphasis on sex, Dr. Allers begins by answering three questions:

Just what part does sex play in the human personality?
What importance does it have in forming yourchildren’s or grandchildren’s character?
How does sex manifest itself during the stages of character development?
Dr. Allers then proceeds to lay out a sound psychology of sex—with crucial advice for instructing the young—wherein sex takes its place within a hierarchy of values crowned by moral and religious truths. Some of Dr. Allers’ useful (often arresting) advice:

Step-by-step guidelines for how and when to instruct your children on sexual matters
What should parents do if their children don’t ask them about sex?
How close observation can reveal when “sex questions” are on their minds
Why information about sex should always be given privately
Why classroom sex instruction often creates antipathy in students
How some kids will “cue” you when they have questions about sex, even when they don’t ask them openly
The awakening of sex consciousness in puberty: how it can be harnessed to contribute to moral growth
How premature sexual experience creates a serious obstacle to the development of maturity and personality—with results that frequently cannot be undone
The tremendous harm to teenagers caused by the super-stition that “unless sexual satisfaction is obtained, life is unhappy”
Right and wrong ways to instruct adolescents on the means of of preserving their purity
Why modesty is the principal means of safeguarding youths
Two principles that together comprise the essence of modest conduct
Sex deviations in adolescence and adulthood: their causes, and relations to other mental disturbances
The “unsocial attitude” at the root of all perversions
Bisexual tendencies in adolescence: nearly always the result of a particular kind of uncertainty
How self-abuse harms the personality, rather than the body or mind. Ways to conquer it
Homosexuality: causes and remedies. Why it is definitely not an unavoidable innate perversion
Making small sacrifices: its crucial role in teaching about sex
Why even habits require an inner consent—and are never acquired in a wholly involuntary manner
The two fundamental principles of love without which sexual appetite cannot become love
Sex differences between men and women. Developmental differences between boys and girls
How sexual behavior (and misbehavior) is a sensitive indicator of one’s whole personality
Pitfalls of the “hygienic” approach: Why fear of disease does not alone suffice to enforce correct behavior
Preparation for matrimony
Sexual difficulties in matrimony: causes and remedies

“Needless to say,” Dr. Allers explains, “the views and opinions expressed in this volume presuppose an education penetrated with Catholic spirit, thoroughly consonant with Catholic thought.” “Recommended most urgently.”

“An authoritative volume — recommended to every cultured teacher or parent. ... His philosophy is sound, his science is that of an expert.” — Catholic World (c. 1938)