Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma

type: Doctrine
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Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma is widely recognized as one of the greatest summaries of Catholic dogma ever published. Since its original publication in German in 1952, it has served as an invaluable reference for students and teachers, clergy and families anyone who needs a clear, concise and systematic presentation of the Catholic faith. Drawing from many years of classroom experience, Dr. Ludwig Ott lays out a detailed overview of doctrine. He notes when dogmatic pronouncements were made and identifies their sources in Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and in pronouncements from Popes and Church Councils. This beautiful burgundy hardcover edition contains the original text of the second English edition. In 568 pages, it covers all the foundational topics of our faith: the nature of God as a Blessed Trinity; the creation of the universe, in particular the human race and the angels; the fall of man, the divine plan of redemption and the two natures of Christ; the Blessed Virgin Mary; grace and salvation; the Church and her sacraments; and the Last Things. Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma is a remarkable one-volume encyclopedia of doctrine. It will provide a cornerstone for your personal Catholic library that will help you find the answers to countless questions about the Faith. About The Author Doctor Ludwig Ott was born in 1906 at Neumarkt, Germany. He was later ordained a priest in 1930 after studying at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt. He received his doctorate degree under Martin Grabmann in Munich and went on to study the development of medieval theology. Doctor Ott wrote the Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma mainly for students in a clear and concise form. With it, he wished to add to the knowledge of the Church 's teaching as well as awaken possible calls to the religious life. He died in Eichstaett on October 25, 1985.