Death of the West


Death of the West, by Patrick J. Buchanan


“In 2000, for the first time, there were more Muslims in the world than Catholics”
Before Sept. 11, most Americans would have yawned at that statistic from Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West. But now, with the dangers of a resurgent Islam practically a nightly news feature, Buchanan’s book has become a runaway bestseller.

His alarming message? The Christian West is dying. The reasons?

Collapsing birth rates and native populations... out-of-control immigration... a process of “de-Christianization”

With electrifying prose and massive documentation, Buchanan reveals:

How collapsing birth rates in Western nations, coupled with skyrocketing birth rates among Muslims, Asians and other Third World peoples will soon cause cataclysmic shifts in world power
How uncontrolled immigration is changing the composition of the U.S. and European nations in ways that threaten their survival
How our cultural institutions have been deliberately and systematically undermining the foundation beliefs and traditions of American and Western civilization for years
Why aging populations will force developed nations to choose between mass immigration and mass euthanasia
Why the Christian majority in America was routed -- with help from its own clergy
Why young women are not having children in America and Europe
Empty churches, full mosques: the long-term implications for the post-Christian West
Why immigrants from Mexico will never assimilate
Why the GOP may be history by 2010
Six terrible consequences of the overthrow of the moral order
Five ways you can enlist now in the battle to preserve Christian America
The single most important cause for 21st-century conservatives
The “absolute correlation” between religious faith and large families -- and between loss of faith and population decline
Empty doomsaying? “The Death of the West is not a prediction of what is going to happen,” Buchanan clarifies, “it is a depiction of what is happening now. First World Nations are dying. They face a mortal crisis, not because of something happening in the Third World, but because of what is not happening at home and in the homes of the First World.”
True/False Quiz

Answers found in Buchanan's blockbuster -- but a hint here: Seven of these eleven statements are true.

By 2050, only 1/10 of the world’s people will be of European descent -- and it will be the oldest tenth, median age 50

In the 1990s, immigrants and their children were responsible for 100% of the population growth of California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts

In a recent survey, fewer than half of Ivy League college seniors could name the author of the Gettysburg Address -- while 98% could identify rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg

In 1999, a St. Louis school principal was fired for wishing students “Merry Christmas” over the P.A. system

White people in London will be a minority by 2010

The number of illegal aliens in America equals the combined populations of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut

FBI statistics show 223 murders in 1998 were committed by Arab nationals

America’s most-used high-school history textbook mentions Martin Luther King 67 times -- and Thomas Jefferson only twice.

There are 1500 mosques in Germany

Outside of Muslim Albania, not one of Europe’s 47 nations is producing enough babies to replace its population

The Third World adds 100 million people -- one new Mexico -- every fifteen months

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